Energy Efficiency Services

Energy Men Chicago Energy Efficiency Services

If you have cold rooms in the winter, or your top floor is too hot even when the air conditioning is running full blast in the summertime, if you have too much (or too little) moisture and humidity, if your home is dusty and drafty, you are not alone. These common problems exist in the vast majority of homes that have been built in our country.

Why EnergyMen?

We formed EnergyMen to supply an innovative “one stop” resource to enable our Chicago customers to quickly and easily diagnose, and solve common home comfort issues, which in many cases are directly related to high energy bills. Using the principles of building performance science and viewing the home as an integrated system (similar to a car or an airplane), we can quickly spot hard to identify problems that can affect homeowner comfort, your family’s safety, and high utility usage costs.
Using sophisticated, state of the art diagnostic tools, our highly trained, nationally certified technicians can “see” and record your homes unique issues. We analyze the data we collected on your home with the help of powerful software created for this purpose. We then prescribe the best, most cost effective solutions to permanently fix the problems we identified. This is what distinguishes EnergyMen from the usual HVAC and specialty contractor guesswork.

EnergyMens whole house approach further separates us from other residential building contractors when actually performing home performance retrofitting. Our unique, integrated capabilities ensure the results of the work are in perfect alignment with the science-based energy efficiency discoveries we’ve made.

The Benefits of Using EnergyMen

  • The result of EnergyMens process is a vastly improved in-home comfort level, that typically reduces energy consumption by 25% to more than 50%!
  • By using our innovative technologies in your Chicago home, you’ll have a safer, more comfortable home, with drafts and dust eliminated.
  • You will have enhanced the quality of your indoor air your family breaths.
  • You’ll have reduced your maintenance costs, and increased your homes durability.
  • You will also have increased your homes marketplace value, should you ever decide to move.
  • You will have done your part to reduce your carbon footprint (most EnergyMen projects implemented keep hundreds of tons of carbon out of the atmosphere, like planting a small forest!) Think of it as being smart, not frugal – You’re not using MegaWatts, you’re creating NegaWatts!

EnergyMen leverages over 50 years of combined residential construction and design experience to deliver a completely new level of home performance, comfort and energy efficiency for Chicagolands homeowners.